Apr 16, 2009

Love is All - Yanni

'Love is All' is a part of the performance by Yanni in front of the Taj Mahal during the late 90s. Listening to Yanni, his talks either before or after his performance, makes me realize how much understanding this great musician has about life, love and happiness; one of the three most important attributes of mankind.

Even in this video just before he performs, he makes a very symbolic statement about Love. Hope you will listen to it, comprehend it and apply it to your life as well.



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Apr 5, 2009

Women are mere domesticated animals in this Taliban occupied state of Pakistan

Women are no longer women in this region of Pakistan; they have been turned into mere domesticated animals. After watching this video, you will see and understand much more than what my words could ever explain.

From the news, I learned that this 17 year old girl was literally flogged by the Talibans for going out with her father-in-law. God, what on earth is that? Beaten like an animal for going out with her father-in-law? Can you believe that?

I also read in the news that 'rape' has been legalized in Afghanistan now. Hamid Karzai (The President of Afghanistan) himself passed this law. In the sense, that a husband can forcibly copulate with his wife without her consent. Can you believe that? And we call this the 21st century!

These male-chauvnists, who in the name of religion and morality have been doing such inhuman and brutal acts. And then what does the so called Human Right Activists, the United Nations do? Just sit and watch.

God forbid.. God help us all.....

P.S: The video was reported to be captured by a Human Right activist risking his|her life. My applauds to him|her.

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